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Get Ripped in 4 Weeks

Every time you look in the mirror and see less than awesome abs you figure you are doing something wrong. Maybe you think that youíre not working out hard enough. Maybe you think that youíre not targeting your abs in the right way and thatís why your stomach muscles donít look tight and ripped.

In this article, weíll explore some training tips and show you how to get ripped shredded abs in just a few weeks.

You Can Not Just Torch Stomach Fat

Even though youíve been led to believe that ďthe right number of crunchesĒ or sit ups will get you better, more defined abs this will not work. To get a flat stomach, you cannot and shouldnít do a long series of ab exercises in hopes that they will start looking better.

Imagine yourself trying to get more ripped biceps, or you just want to burn and torch fat on your upper arms. No matter how many biceps curls you do, the fat will not decrease because fat cannot be torch or reduced in one targeted area.

The same technique applies to ab exercises. Doing sit ups will build muscle but will not burn fat.

You Already Have Abs Beneath The Fat

Everyone has six pack abs. The problem is they are not always visible. Most people assume that some quick exercises will bring out definition when the truth is, a layer of fat is what is sitting in between abdominal muscle definition and sexy shredded abs.

Steps To Get Abs To Show

If fat is the primary reason for abs not showing then naturally what you need to do is burn fat around your midsection. If youíre serious about losing the fat here are some steps to torch it so that you can look and feel more muscular.

Eat Fewer Calories:

I won't ask you to count calories because itís annoying to do so. If you want to count calories, thatís fine, but you can simply eat less than what you are eating now if you want to see a decrease in caloric intake.

Look at your portions in your meals and decrease them or eliminate one item that is considered unhealthy. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to introduce a calorie deficit.

Eat Less Fat or Sugar:

Eating fat and sugar is unavoidable. Every other item of food you eat will be heavy with either one of these substances. The important thing to keep in mind is that high amounts of these unhealthy items are probably contributing to your high-fat percentage.

Look at what you are eating or drinking; is it soda, chips, junk food, high-fat foods that are holding you back? Eliminate them altogether or greatly reduce them, and you will see improvements very quickly.

Do Some Resistance Training:

When someone mentions the words strength and training, they picture bodybuilders with the v-shape?! Although this is one way of doing resistance strength training, weights are not the only way.

Any exercise that puts the muscle under constant tension is strength training. You can do bodyweight exercises, kettle bells, resistance bands or machines. Any of these types of exercises will help you burn more calories and will boost your metabolism.

A Quick Summary

The only way you will see your abs show is by burning excess fat, especially around the midsection. Put these tips into practice, and you will see that your midsection will begin to show real definition. Remember, that ab workouts are only a small part of achieving ripped six pack abs.

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